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Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023). Facebook is a social networking site where users may sign up for free and interact with others who may be their friends, coworkers, or a group of people who have similar interests. This creates a massive internet network that links individuals from all over the world.

Facebook monetization in Pakistan has begun, which is great news for Facebook users. Its fundamental goal is to provide a long-term digital platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, and other information.

Guide to Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 2023

According to news and information gathered from ministry of information and technology authorities, a pilot project for Facebook monetization based on videos will be launched. It will compete with existing social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and many more.

Facebook Monetizing content can be based on blogs, product adverts, and game live streaming, but it must adhere to all Facebook privacy standards.

The information may be published and shared in both Urdu and English. Other content languages are also acceptable.

The KPK government has also made steps to encourage Facebook monetization in Pakistan. So, Insha’Allah, youth will soon hear some good news.

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)
Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)

Criteria and rules for Facebook Monetization 

Some of the most critical Facebook monetization criteria and guidelines are listed here.

Eligibility criteria

  • Visit your Facebook business page to verify the qualifying requirements for Facebook monetization.
  • Select the option for monetization. A new page will appear, displaying information on Facebook monetization.
  • Navigate to the Overview section. Choose the page whose monetization details you desire. Your eligibility will be highlighted.

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)


  • The user’s page satisfies the Facebook monetization initiatives such as authenticity and involvement. Also, you must be in a Facebook monetization enable nation.
  • All material should be published on the Facebook company page, not the individual profile page. In addition, the page must have a minimum of 10,000 followers.
  • The page admin must be at least 18 years old. Furthermore, the minimum content view time in the previous two months should be greater than 600000 minutes.
  • There should be more than five active videos.
    Your Facebook business page should adhere to all of the terms and rules of YouTube partner programmes, as well as their guidelines.

Monetization of Facebook video content

The major question in Facebook monetization is how to monetize Facebook video content. The answer is here. In-stream video commercials appear at the beginning, middle, and finish of videos. Facebook monetization is for videos incorporating advertisement material connected to social awareness or creating awareness about any valuable service.

Thus, when a Facebook paid page uploads a video, Facebook offers an opportunity by telling the admin if he/she wants the ad in the video content or not. In this approach, Facebook video content monetization is done.

  • For Facebook video content monetization, your Facebook page must fulfil the following conditions.
  • Your page should have more than 10,000 followers.
    The minimum viewing time for content videos in the previous two months should be 600,000 minutes (60 days).
  • There should also be 5 active videos on the Facebook page.

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)

Earning from Facebook

People in Pakistan may now make money via Facebook sites. Facebook earnings are significantly more popular in Pakistan and many other countries, and they are the simplest way to earn money online through Facebook monetization. It is done by in-stream commercial adverts promoting any product or service.

Some of the Facebook income ways are listed below:

  • Making money from Facebook by optimizing it for mobile devices.
  • Increase traffic to any affiliate marketing website by creating a Facebook page.
  • Selling various things from any website via the Facebook App Store. Also, advertising the items through unique Facebook offers such as discounts, one-for-one deals, and so on.
  • Selling digital information from the Facebook page.
  • Making money by selling a growing Facebook page or any other digital growing Facebook site page.
  • Vending merchandise from third-party providers via the Facebook page.

Facebook Monetization revenue

The money supplied by Facebook Monetization service is the same as the YouTube 55 of advertising. 55% of profits go to content creators, while 45% goes to Facebook. However, all of those users must follow all regulations and laws.

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)

Final Thoughts

All of the information on face monetization in Pakistan 2023 is provided above. Use your company page for earning if it meets all of the Facebook monetization standards and restrictions. If your Facebook page breaches any regulations or violates Facebook’s privacy, enforcement action will be made that will limit your capacity to monetize Facebook.

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)

Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)
Is Facebook Monetization available In Pakistan?(2023)

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