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5 great new coming features to WhatsApp in 2023

5 great new coming features  to WhatsApp in 2023

coming features to WhatsApp, WhatsApp is the only messaging program that many users require. And in the last year or so, it has gotten a slew of features and enhancements that make it better.
There has been a steady drip of frequent upgrades, ranging from actually important enhancements like the option to silently to entertaining ones like WhatsApp. coming features to WhatsApp,
Although WhatsApp does not usually reveal new features, it does have a beta program for Android and iOS. This means that anyone who signs up for them will be the first to see the new features.
These are five new features that are being developed that are accessible now or will be available for all users.

coming features  to WhatsApp
coming features to WhatsApp

1. Voice status updates

In our experience, not many people utilize WhatsApp’s Status section, yet it is one of the key tabs. You may now update your status with text, GIFs, photos, and videos, which your friends can see for 24 hours. But, some Android beta testers have uncovered a new feature: the ability to record a quick voice message as a status update.

2. Connect via a proxy

This one will come in handy if you need to use WhatsApp in a nation where the government is attempting to prevent its usage (such as Iran). WhatsApp has announced this new feature on its site, which is already available to everyone who has the current version of the program, and you can learn how to use it.

3. Copy text from images

This is a feature that will initially appear on the iPhone since it takes advantage of a capability built into iOS 16, which app developers may also exploit. It implies that if you have iOS 16 or later, you will be able to choose, copy, and paste text from photographs exactly as you can in the iPhone’s Photos app. coming features to WhatsApp,

4. Move chat history between Android phones without Google Drive

At present, Android users must utilize Google Drive to save their chat history and transfer it to a new Android phone. Yet, eventually, it will be able to do so “privately” without utilizing Drive (which lacks end-to-end encryption). It’s unclear how it will work, except that “certain device permissions are required to connect to your new smartphone” and that you’ll need to scan a QR code on the new phone with your old one.

5. Add a message or caption when forwarding a photo or video

One aggravating limitation of WhatsApp is that you can’t add a message when you transmit a photo or video from one chat to another. Instead, go to the conversation where you forwarded it and compose a message there. An upgrade is currently being developed that will forward both the message and the media together, albeit you will have the option to delete the caption if you want. coming features to WhatsApp,


What are the new features of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp offers a solution for you. Users may now build communities with numerous groups and even start a new group within the community. This is a fantastic tool for folks who frequently exchange a large number of texts, photographs, or even videos with numerous groups.

What’s new in WhatsApp update 2023?

The new functionality allows users to look for messages by date using a date search option provided within the chat window. This is now accessible for iOS users in the most recent app update.

How can I put a 30-second status on WhatsApp?

To overcome WhatsApp’s 30-second status limit, there are two basic hacks. The first is to cut 30-second segments from a lengthier movie and upload them on WhatsApp, while the second is to transform the video into a GIF picture.

coming features to WhatsApp 2023,

coming features  to WhatsApp
coming features to WhatsApp

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